GTA San Andreas

Cleo Mods PC & Android - Page 2

Ayuwoki Cleo Myth

A mod based on the popular trending ayuwoki!

Download link: Ayuwoki

Ayuwoki will appear in Los Santos Cemetery and you have to defeat it with a fire extinguisher, but first you must weaken it (using a camera). More information included in the download and videos.

Samara CLEO Mission

Samara Morgan from "The Ring"

Download link: Samara

This is a custom mission that adds the possibility to find and kill Samara Morgan in Montgomery. This is a very well known myth and it's supposed that she appears in the toxic waste in Montgomery. 

Invincibility (God Mode)

Almost nothing will damage you

Download link: Invincibility

To activate the mod, press F6.

To deactivate the mod, press again F6.

A "Cheat activated" message will pop up, BUT this won't affect your game, it's just a notification.

This is a cleo script that gives you invincibility. Better explained, this mod gives the player (CJ) immunities to certain things. These are:

  • Immunity to Fire
  • Immunity to Explosions
  • Immunity to Bullets/Weapons
  • Immunity to Melee attacks
  • Immunity to Collisions/Crushes

Car's Super Speed

A super turbo you can apply to the vehicle you're driving!

This is a cleo mod that lets you apply different speeds to the vehicles you're driving. There are 3 different speeds you can use but you must use only one per time. Press the Car's Horn to apply the speed, and hold the horn to keep the speed constant (meaning that you can fly with this).

I included a super brake that applies a speed of 5 km/h to your vehicle, and you can float in the air with this (to use it press the letter O). Works with every vehicle, but don't try this with BOATS! It may bug your game hardly and you'll have to re-load it.

Download link: Super Speed

Leatherface v2.0

An improved version of this legendary myth. With a chainsaw, he appears in a cabin at The Panopticon to kill you!

He's very fast and his attacks deal extreme damage. Guns and explosions will be enough to defeat him.

Red County Killer Myth

A brand-new cleo myth!

A serial killer that wanders Red County. If you find him and get close, he'll chase you in a truck to try and crush you. His truck can be destroyed with weapons or water!

Doherty Evil Spirit

Another new myth!

Download: Evil Spirit

This is the cursed ghost of the worker that CJ buried alive in the mission Deconstruction! You can only damage him with the camera. He carries a shovel, one hit and you'll be dead!

Crazy Clowns Cleo Myth

Angry clowns attack!

Download: Crazy Clowns

Some clowns that will appear at the Clown's Pocket if you kill two dancing clowns at midday. They are very fast and dangerous!

Los Santos Satanic Cult

A ritual performed at 01:00 by a mysterious cult!

Download: LS Ritual Myth

The story of this cult will be explained in the future. This ritual leads to some mystery, and you have to chase one of their leaders to stop it!

North Rock Serial Killers

Responsibles of a massacre in North Rock!

Download: Serial Killers

Some cops are investigating a chain of murders in North Rock. Follow them to find the culprits! They are fast and won't give you a chance to escape.

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