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Mythbusting Mod v2.0

Completely made with Cleo!

Download link: Mythbusting Mod v2.0

This is a mod, very similar to Misterix Mod, but created from scratch. I made everything with my knowledge. I asked Zeb89AceGamer permission to use his Misterix models in this mod, and he agreed, so a lot of thanks to him. There are other models that I couldn't find an author for them, so they remain as 'Unknown'. 

This mod is about a moment where CJ gets accesss to a secret "base" in Ocean Docks, where he can find weapons, and vehicles, to hunt down those myths that threat against San Andreas. You'll receive money after killing a myth.

An optional feature adds 3 new cars to the game, shown in the video. Check it out! I might work to release part 3 soon.

Serial Killer Cleo Myth

A dangerous enemy that appears in El Quebrado

Download link: Serial Killer Myth

This is a Cleo mod that makes the Serial Killer appear in El Quebrados. He carries a Sniper Rifle. If you get close to him, he'll attack you. 

Terminator Cleo Myth

A deadly enemy that appears in Restricted Area

Download link: Terminator Cleo Myth

This is a Cleo mod that makes Terminator appear in Restricted Area. He carries a Minigun. You won't be wanted if you enter Restricted Area while Terminator is alive, and after killing him you'll be delivered outside. 

Bigfoot in Back O' Beyond

A famous myth of the game that appears in Back O' Beyond

Download link: Bigfoot

This Cleo mod makes this creature appear in Back O' Beyond. There are 5 different places where it can appear. You can find it walking.

Lock Car Doors

Such as Police Cars do!

Download Link: Lock Car Doors

This is a simple cleo script that lets you lock your car. If you ever tried to open a Police Car doors, you'll know what is this. Press TAB when driving, to lock your car doors. Hold TAB for 2 seconds to unlock them.

Yeti in Mt. Chilliad

A famous myth that can be found in different places in Mt. Chilliad

Download link: Yeti

This is a cleo mod that makes the Yeti appear in Mt. Chilliad. He can appear in 8 different places in the whole Mt. Chilliad. He has a lot of life, so it's better if you carry a heavy weapon.

Infinite Health

Almost no ways to die with this!

Download link: Infinite Health

This is a simple cleo script that makes your life recover immediately without pressing any button. There are a few ways to die even with this mod, these are:

  • Explode inside of a car
  • Fall with a parachute
  • Close to a massive explosion
  • Fall without maximum health 

I suggest you to complete Ambulance Driver Mission, to get the maximum health.

Spawn Grove Gangs

You can recruit them! They spawn with different weapons.

Download link: Spawn Grove Gangs

This is a mid-advanced cleo script that lets you spawn Grove Street gangs in front of you. They are recruitable, and they carry different weapons. 1 out of 23 different weapons can come with them.

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